The Shared Services crisis….

I first heard about this issue about a week ago mainly because of my alumni connection to the University of Michigan. Turns out the issue is happening at UT Austin also. The Chronicle has the story here.

The macro picture is that public universities are looking for every last cent in efficiencies as they struggle to find a sustainable business model for the future. The big picture is described pretty accurately with regards to Berkeley here, hat tip to Tyler Cowen.

This is how you build interdisciplinary strength

From the Chronicle of Higher Education on the University of Michigan’s plan to build faculty strength in interdisciplinary areas:

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor plans to spend $30-million over the next five years on hiring 100 new tenure-track faculty members to lead interdisciplinary research and teaching in areas such as energy and environmental sustainability.

Kudos to President Coleman–that’s really vision and it’ll make a difference I believe. This from a state with an economy that is anemic at best.