University of Maryland does the obvious…

as part of its strategy to be the dominant public research I university in the National Capital Area, details are here. To my mind, it’s all they can do with their medical and law schools in Baltimore and the flagship College Park campus here inside the Beltway. It’s also a first step towards the politically difficult merger of the three as the University of Maryland.

And Mason’s “chess move” in response? Stay tuned…

Proposed merger of University of Maryland campuses

The proposal to merge the College Park campus with the Law School and Medical School in Baltimore is reported in the Chronicle here. It’s being strongly opposed by Baltimore City interests, but it certainly would increase the prestige of the university. It also makes sense thinking in the longer term about whether Mason or Maryland will be the dominant public research university in the National Capital Area.

So, as an ardent Mason supporter, here’s hoping that the folks in Baltimore are successful.

University of Maryland’s Center for Complexity in Business

The Center had its third annual complexity in business conference today here in DC and it was excellent. The keynotes were delivered by Felix Reed-Tsochas and Uri Wilensky. The breakout talks that I saw were uniformly excellent.

It’s great to have two excellent complexity centers (including our own) here in the National Capital Area.