#UVA revisited….

In today’s NYT magazine, Andrew Rice’s Anatomy of a Campus Coup, here. This is a saga that wont go away. Reading the comments section is actually enlightening for once–the consensus seems to be that it wont go away because, counter to the conventional wisdom about academics, the stakes are so high.

UVA’s Teresa Sullivan on Higher Ed…

From today’s Richmond Times Dispatch, here. Money quote:

“It’s fair to say that higher education is under attack nationally, and the attack is not purely financial,” Sullivan said Wednesday in the first lecture of the season for the U.Va. Miller Center.
“Many of the fundamental values of higher learning are being questioned,” she said, including “the essential value of a college education … and even the notion of public education as an instrument of the public good.”
Sounds to me like the Summer Crisis at UVA hasn’t completely subsided….