Back in DC after Sandia meeting

I barely made my connection in Denver, and arrived after midnight, but I’m back for the weekend, before heading out again Monday to a meeting in Helsinki.

As usual, the meeting at Sandia National Laboratory was extremely interesting and the scientific discussions fruitful. The Lab’s efforts in cognitive sciences are really beginning to show pay-off.

In the meantime, a day to catch up on work at the Institute…..

Heading into the home stretch

This academic year is now in the final stretch. I’m heading to a cook out this evening celebrating the end of the semester for one of our centers. Just left a meeting going over the final draft of a thesis before a PhD defense and it’s getting time to check out my academic regalia and see whether it has survived another winter without become moth gourmet food….commencement isn’t far off.

Next week I’ll be at Sandia National Labs for a scientific meeting with a Russian scientific delegation. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog from the road. The Institute’s ties to New Mexico are extensive. It will be good to be back. At that meeting, I’ll be talking about our upcoming “Decade of the Mind” Symposium on May 21st and 22nd. I hope that our Russian colleagues can pick up some of the excitement that “mind research” is generating here at Krasnow.