Good news for US science R&D…

The report is from the NSF. ScienceInsider story, here. Overall I see this as a very positive trend. Academia will catch up as federal R&D investments grow–its a lagging indicator. On the business side, I see research partnerships between academia and industry as being ever more important. Those partnerships are currently at the center of our focus here at Krasnow and I think that emphasis will extend across academia.

All of this depends on some modicum of political stability as far Congress is concerned. But I think we have reason to be cautiously optimistic.

Climate change solutions….

Bjorn Lomborg’s eloquent case for increased R&D on green energy sources, from the FT, here.

Money quote:

The analogy here is the computer in the 1950s. We did not get better computers by mass-producing subsidised vacuum tubes or taxing typewriters. The breakthroughs were achieved through a dramatic increase in R&D, leading to innovations such as the transistor and the integrated circuit, which enabled companies such as IBM and Apple to produce computers that consumers wanted.