Psychopathology–Paul Bloom’s Review in the NYT

It’s here. Here’s the teaser:

Do psychopaths enjoy reading books about psychopaths? In his engagingly irreverent new best seller, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry (Riverhead, $25.95), the journalist Jon Ronson notes that only about one in 100 people are psychopaths (there is a higher proportion in prisons and corporate boardrooms), but he wonders if this population will be overrepresented among readers of his book.

Lurid stories of neuroscientists

Jim Fallon of UC Irvine is a good friend and former professor. He’s all over the news this week because of he’s found a correlation between his brain imagery, his genetics and those of psychopaths. He’s also apparently related to the famed Lizzie Borden.

But before we go out and profile the population for violent crazies, a couple of important cautions:

First, Jim Fallon is definitely not a psychopath. Having known him for thirty years, loyal readers can rest assured. So the correlation is not sufficient for the phenotype.

Second, it’s likely that there are many varieties of psychopaths. As there are many kinds of cancer, each with its own specific etiology, so there are many brain disorders which may lead to what we might legally call psychopathic behavior. My guess is that the variability here is enormous.