Data sharing continued….

I went to a very enjoyable workshop on the sharing of data in neuroscience last Friday at the American Association for the Advancement of Science HQ here in Washington. The keynoter was none other than our own Giorgio Ascoli who presented, an effort I have written about before.

Data sharing is not a simple story though. Producing new data is time consuming and expensive and the current incentives (authorship, grants, tenure) work against sharing. Michael White’s recent piece in Pacific Standard gets to these issues and additionally nails it on why sharing is in fact the right way to go…here.

Debt and Growth: a story of Excel coding errors leading to unemployment?

Perhaps in the near future my colleagues who are economists will have to buy malpractice insurance…
a good summary of what’s going on with the Reinhart and Rogoff paper can be found over at FT, here.

And here is my colleague Tyler Cowen’s view.

From the standpoint of data analysis and science though, there is an important case to be made here for publishing your data along with your conclusions…