Off to talk about open access

to a forum of our faculty put on by the library. As a journal editor I have mixed feelings about open access.

On the one hand, research paid for by tax payers should be available to those same folks without further payment. On the other, non-profit journals such as The Biological Bulletin (the journal I edit), add real value to content and need a business model to keep themselves solvent.

Next week off to Sandia National Lab. And Commencement is coming up too. Busy times….

Open Access? Yes, but with flexibility

Here’s the latest from ScienceInsider.

Money quote:

Despite such objections, the White House seems determined to move ahead. For the past month, OSTP has been holding an online forum on whether and how to extend NIH’s model to more agencies. According to OSTP life sciences assistant director Diane DiEuliis, one option being considered is an executive order or memo that would set out “minimum standards” but “give agencies flexibility to create custom plans.”