Impressions of the Ohio State campus

I had visited Ohio State before, but this past weekend my brother-in-law was kind enough to offer up a very comprehensive tour of the Columbus campus. With Ann Arbor as my baseline for what a Big Ten university looks like, the contrasts were quite interesting.

Above all, the Ohio State campus stands geographically distinct from the Columbus in a way that the Michigan campus does not from Ann Arbor. This creates a coherence that I found very positive. I was also struck by the large number of enormous state-of-the-art athletic facilities which range from the iconic football stadium to a 21st century student recreational facility that might be orbiting the earth (think 2001 A Space Odyssey) were it not linked very firmly to the ground.
The Medical School/Hospital complex is part of the overall campus complex–it is both heterogeneous and modern. Oh, and I forgot, also elephantine. I wonder if it is making money (profitable university hospitals are a rare commodity these days).
But the student dorms were clearly in stasis. Compared with the gorgeous spanking brand new residence halls at George Mason, these were pretty much unchanged from when they were built at various points in the last century–at least on the outside. That would seem to be an important area for the campus to invest in. And perhaps…that’s in the works. A huge new student union was under construction. With a large new union, new dorms would logically follow.