The wet lab part of Krasnow Institute science…

Sometimes, from the director’s office, it’s easy to forget that a lot of wet lab science goes on at the Krasnow Institute. This view from the northeast corner of the Institute, far removed from the floor to ceiling glass of our great room, gives a bit of perspective on what we do.

These labs work on problems from nanotechnology engineering to molecular neuroscience using cellular imaging, mass spec, whole genome sequencing and electrophysiology. The battery of backup generators (one of them is lower left) keeps things humming along even through Washington’s famous thunderstorm power outages.

One of the characteristics that differentiates the Institute is the pairing of hard experimental science along side of the in silico world of modeling and agent-based simulations. We are very much an experimentally-based institute for advanced study.

Although…with the fab that we are busy installing, the term “in silico” will take on a new meaning at the Institute since we’ll be using silicon to produce nanomaterials as a tool for study the brain.

The tenor on neurotechnology…

From the NeuroInsights meeting in Helsinki, the mood seems to be quite pessimistic on the industry–as in, how could one possibly make money off it. I think at least part of this is reflective of the on-going recession (especially here in Europe).

There’s another meme going on here: that the EU regulatory environment is much better for neurotech than the corresponding one in the US.

┬áLet’s see if there’s some deal making this evening….