Odds and ends…

First, congrats to one our own, Rebekah Evans on her excellent editorial in this month’s Biological Bulletin, here.

Second, congrats to Dan Cox for his mentorship of young aspiring scientists–his high school intern Suhas Gondi from local Thomas Jefferson HS has been named both Intel and Siemens semifinalist for work conducted in his labs at Krasnow. The news was just announced yesterday and Suhas is one of only 9 from Virginia and 300 nationwide.

Third, congrats to colleague Monique Beaudoin on her new position as Associate Director at Office of Naval Research Global in London–that’s a great job, we wish her well.

Finally, I’m chairing the search for a new Vice President for Research and Economic Development at George Mason–the job announcement is here.  I’d welcome nominations or advice–just drop me a line.

White Board Scientific Abstract: 2011

From one of the Institute’s breakout spaces. I can see a chicken, a fruit fly, some chromosomes and a slogan.  No doubt the work of our trainees as they tend their experiments into the wee hours. In all seriousness, though, the White Boards throughout the Institute serve an incredibly important purpose as a means of catalyzing scientific discussions, very often across the disciplinary boundaries that characterize Krasnow. Even in the world of apps, the old fashioned white board can’t be beat for this purpose.

But then, this reminds me of the wonderful Intel ad that ran for a bit during the PBS new hour: