The tenor on neurotechnology…

From the NeuroInsights meeting in Helsinki, the mood seems to be quite pessimistic on the industry–as in, how could one possibly make money off it. I think at least part of this is reflective of the on-going recession (especially here in Europe).

There’s another meme going on here: that the EU regulatory environment is much better for neurotech than the corresponding one in the US.

┬áLet’s see if there’s some deal making this evening….

It’s Labor Day–Off to Helsinki

That is if I can manage to get to JFK in weather that’s certainly less than perfect. Plans for the week include a Neurotech Conference, some networking meetings with technology folks and a talk at the University of Helsinki.

Last time I was in Finland was in 1975 (remember the Helsinki Accords)? Actually learned how to drive a manual shift on Finnish roads courtesy of my Dad’s largesse. I imagine it’s changed a lot since the Cold War.