The Two Cultures are alive and well….

William Dereseiwisz pans Michael Suk-Young Chwe’s ‘game theory’ theory of Jane Austen here. Cutting right to the chase, here’s the money quote:

There is only one problem with this approach: it is intellectually bankrupt. Actually, there are a lot of problems, as Michael Suk-Young Chwe’s abominable volume shows. If this is the sort of thing that we have to look forward to, as science undertakes to tutor the humanities, the prospect isn’t bright. 

Game theory on steroids

Nicholas Thompson’s article in Wired Magazine on a legacy Soviet-era doomsday machine called Perimeter.

Money quote:

The point of the system, he explains, was to guarantee an automatic Soviet response to an American nuclear strike. Even if the US crippled the USSR with a surprise attack, the Soviets could still hit back. It wouldn’t matter if the US blew up the Kremlin, took out the defense ministry, severed the communications network, and killed everyone with stars on their shoulders. Ground-based sensors would detect that a devastating blow had been struck and a counterattack would be launched.