The Atheneum at Caltech

The week before last, I had the pleasure of returning to the place I grew up, Pasadena California. This is the Caltech Atheneum, probably the nicest faculty club I know of. Staying here for a short work visit to LA was full of memories–this place was my family’s first temporary home, back in 1969 when my Dad moved from Ann Arbor to take a job here. But for a few modernizations (such as the student lounge with flat screens in the basement) it’s pretty much the same.

For those with cinematic memories, you may recognize the Atheneum from the movie, Beverly Hills Cop!

All is well at the NSF

Just got back from an NSF review panel–although getting back is really the wrong word–the National Science Foundation is located in Arlington Virginia, about a mile down Glebe Road from my house. What’s becoming ever more clear to me is that while there are indeed many parts of the US government that seem to be broken, the Foundation is one agency that works well. Every time that I return from panel or just a visit, I’m impressed with the institutional shared vision: funding the very best science with transparency and rigor.

Monday I’m off to New Mexico for the Fourth Decade of the Mind Conference. I’ll be blogging from the road if I can manage a decent internet connection. Then off to California for a quick visit to my Mom and the house I grew up in, about a block from Caltech in Pasadena.