It’s a big day for science: Big Bang inflation theory gets some strong evidence…..

Story from Nature here. This is the notion (now supported with good evidence) that in the fraction of a second following the Big Bang, the universe expanded exponentially (inflation). The evidence for that inflation comes from looking for perturbations in the polarization of the ┬ácosmic microwave background that themselves are evidence for gravitational waves. If it holds up, it’ll be an easy Nobel choice.

Big bang trouble…

The theory that is. From Nature on our parent 4-D “bulk universe” and the 4-D star that underwent gravitational collapse, formed a 4-D black hole, with a 3-D, brane, event horizon that is actually our universe. Nature story here. Orignal arXiv paper here.

There’s a discrepancy though: the microwave background data from telescopes matches the classical Big Bang theory. Still, the new theory is only off by 4%. And it’s intuitively attractive.