Hurricane Bob and Woods Hole

Thirty years ago today there was an almost successful coup in the former USSR. But for those of us at the Marine Biological Laboratory, geopolitics was secondary. We were mostly huddled on second floor of the Swope Center at MBL as the storm surge took over the parking lot and then moved closer to the main front doors. Eel pond had completely blown out through the Ball Field into Buzzard’s Bay and the roof of the Brick Dorm was scattering shingles piece meal. Some of us wandered over to the Lillie Building wearing bike helmets as protection from the roof. That probably wasn’t wise.

After the storm, there was much swimming in the lake that had been School Street. The Shining Sea bike path was gone and the New York Times led the next day with pictures of the big sailboats washed up on Penzance Point. They had to send in the Sea King helicopters.

The power was out for the next several weeks. But we kept the -80 freezers alive and science kept on. If that isn’t resiliance, I don’t know what is.