Sabbatical year begins…

As the academic year gets underway here at George Mason University, I’m beginning my own sabbatical year. I’m on leave until May of 2022, although if you consider the summer break, it’s actually for a full year. I’ll mostly be around DC (where I’ve mostly been since March 2020 when the pandemic began), but there will hopefully be stints elsewhere including overseas if the vaccine deities permit.

The plan is to read as much as I can on a wide variety of subjects off my usual beaten path of science and history. Defintely a lot more fiction. I’d be interested in suggestions from readers. I’m also planning to put together a new proposal for NSF and continue my various scientific collaborations on AI at the edge.

For students and others who need recommendation letters from me, please get those requests in earlier than in the past (same contact information). I plan to visit my university office in Arlington occassionally both for meetings and because the microscope lives there. Mostly though, I’ll be available on Zoom or by email–just drop me a line.

And I’ll be posting to the blog of course….