Final thoughts before the election…

First, I subscribe to Tolstoy’s view of history rather than Carlyle’s “Great Man” viewpoint. So, from my point of view, where the US find’s itself in this particular election is not so much a function of the person currently holding the office, but more of where the US polity is right now.

Second, the problem of humanity’s position with regards to the rest of the biosphere aren’t going to really change after Tuesday. Whoever wins, the climate disruption will continue and the follow-on effects, both predicted and unknown, will continue to challenge us.

Third, much goes on outside the borders of the United States: some good, some bad, but all of interest in any case. I am intrigued by the entire notion of the Pacific Rim as a geo-political entity. Mostly, it seems to have a dynamism that the rest of the geopolitical world lacks these days.

Finally, the US continues to be beautiful–the land itself is the greatest asset of this place that I call home.