Some ideas for a Biden Administration…

In the area of science of course. And certainly don’t count your chickens…

But, with that caveat, here are some ideas:

1) Depoliticize earth systems sciences across all agencies.

2) Prepare for the next pandemic (COVID-X) now.

3) Increase the budget of NSF to be able to have an average success rate of 30% (this reflects the excellent science that currently gets left on the “cutting room floor”).

4) Reauthorize the NIH so that the intramural program has the explicit mission of high-risk, high-payoff biomedical research and then fund the Bethesda Campus at approximately 15% of the total NIH budget.

5) Merge PCAST and the NSB into one body with one mission: science and technology advice for the President.

6) Give OSTP a $100M budget to incentivize government cross-cutting activities (e.g. Biden’s Cancer Moonshot).

7) Re-internationalize science–even while understanding that national security interests are a priority.

8) Make climate change a priority while allowing for robust research into safe geo-engineering.

9) Return to the moon and use it as a base for human solar system exploration and astronomy

10) Address sustainable human food and water security for the future.