Reinventing biomedical research support in the United States….

The absolutely seminal article by Alberts, Kirschner, Tilghman and Varmus is here, published in PNAS. If you can’t get behind the firewall, read the news story here.

Short version: the labor economics of biomedical research needs to be rebalanced because it’s currently unsustainable. From a macro-standpoint, the number of doctoral students and postdocs need to be reduced and that smaller number need to be better supported.

I agree with all of the article’s recommendations. This is important stuff….

One thought on “Reinventing biomedical research support in the United States….

  1. We could start simple and small, and very effectively, to change the system:

    Funding agencies should recruit peer-reviewers that exhibit scientific literacy!

    Science-illiterate reviewers who do not know what is innovation are the major road block to innovation.

    It is not the widely cited “risk-averseness” that stifles progress. What risk do review panelists take? They do not bet their own money on projects and their reputation is protected by anonymity! Lack of courage to take risks is not involved – only ignorance.

    Anonymity relaxes all constraints to stupidity and irresponsibility in judgement.


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