Replication problem workshop at NSF

NSF SBE Workshop on Replication Last Week

Thursday and Friday of last week I attended an extraordinary gathering of scientists to discuss the issue of replicability in scientific research, a subject matter this blog has covered often.

The University of Chicago’s John Cacioppo chaired the NSF workshop. You can see him at the head of the table and the attendee list included representatives from the White House, federal funding agencies and scientific journals–among others.

What I’m pleased to report is how serious the discussion was. There was a clear realization that, as scientists, this is something we’ve got to get ahead of and more importantly get right.

I’ll continue to report on the issue and specifically will have more to say about workshop itself in future blogposts. In the meantime, I heard two self-explanatory terms for the first time: p-hacking and academic risk hedging. I leave it to loyal readers to ponder their significance.