2013 retrospective and thinking about 2014

On the whole, 2013 was not as disastrous for science as I had feared. Both here at the Krasnow Institute and nationally, the worst effects of the federal budget debacle seem to have been managed or at least ameliorated. Our students continue to make us proud with their scholarship. Our faculty continue to make really substantive contributions to their fields, and our staff make it possible for all of that to happen. So I thank everyone.

Looking forward, in the coming months we will begin implementing our Institute-wide strategic plan. This includes plans for seriously stepping up our research funding in some pretty novel ways, making the case to our donors for funding Phase III of the Krasnow facility and introducing a new emphasis of the Institute: the intersection of science and art, within the global context of human and animal cognition. So big plans ahead, time to execute.

I wish all of the loyal readers of Advanced Study a very happy and prosperous 2014.