Krasnow Institute Strategic Planning…

The Institute is actively preparing a strategic plan as part of an overall planning effort by George Mason University. This is a very useful exercise for us because it allows us to prioritize where we are going to invest over the long term, keeping in mind a vision for what we want to become over that same long term.

It’s very different from the day-to-day activities of research and education–while the two are both activities that, be definition, reach into the long term, they are, in term of action, very much of the here-and-now variety.

Recently the Institute’s advisory board completed its own work on preparing a vision for Krasnow’s future. We’ll post it on-line on the Institute’s web site in the near future. That vision will serve as a starting point for our strategic plan. At the same time, I’ve been meeting with faculty, students and staff to get their ideas about a roadmap for the Institute’s future.

Finally, the Institute’s plan will show alignment with the University’s own long term goals which you can read about here.

But a plan doesn’t mean anything unless it drives action–and that will be the most important aspect of putting this all together. Our plan has to lead to a set of coherent actions (think resource allocation, investments, prioritization) that move the Institute in the right direction. If it does that, then the planning activity will be well worth our efforts.