Convocation at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study….

Krasnow’s convocation was yesterday. We celebrated our new PhD graduates with their families. This was one of those wonderful occasions when the years of hard work, often uncertain, and fraught with risk, come into full fruition.

 The setting is the Institute’s beautiful great room with its backdrop of modern art and tulip poplar trees…and yes, that’s me in the academic regalia behind the lectern.

Earlier in the day, the entire University came together for commencement. The Patriot Center was a sea of green, my colleagues were resplendent in their dean’s regalia and our dynamic new President presided over the awarding of thousands of new degrees.

So now, it’s on to summer! I’m off to New Mexico tomorrow for a series of meetings at Sandia National Laboratory. On the way to the airport, I’ll stop off at the National Science Foundation for a morning orientation meeting–I’m beginning a three year term on the SBE Advisory Committee.

I hope to post along the way….