The Closing of academic years and the promise of Summer….

As another year draws to a close, I’ll be spending this weekend grading final exams. A week from tomorrow is commencement and with it, both the end of another academic year, but also the beginning of Summer, replete with its promised change of pace, time for travel and above all acting as a punctuating space before we begin again.

Here in Washington, the Spring has been magnificent, if cool. Although the plague of the cicadas is soon to arrive, far more importantly, the outdoors is still mosquito free, and as verdant as I’ve ever witnessed. The campus is drenched in emerald, not only from the Mason banners, but now by the green lawns and leafed-out tulip poplars. The geese by the pond are raising a new family, the students are packing their boxes and soon this place will enter the quiet time….of summer.

Here, at Krasnow, the science work continues at its frenetic pace. It’s a real contrast. Our faculty take note as the graduating seniors briefly saturate the campus with caps and gowns, but then they return to the quest for  new and better knowledge–something that in itself is life sustaining.