11,300 years of climate reconstruction…

Marcott et. al in Science Magazine, here. Here’s the figure that worries me (hat tip to Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish):

The famed hockey stick is scrunched and labeled “previous timeframe”. As is clear, what’s been happening very recently is not only large….its derivative (rate of change) is also large. Adaptation take time….

One thought on “11,300 years of climate reconstruction…

  1. Another thought–that I wish someone would take a look at: enzymes (as chemical catalysts) have a temperature dependent property called Q10. The simple way to think about it, is that their catalytic properties change as we increase temperature. Now in mammals, our bodies actively maintain temperature homeostasis (in humans 37 degrees C), but for the bulk of life on planet Earth that isn't the case. So the question: what are the potential effects of long term climate change on biological processes that have these Q10 dependencies? Has anyone modeled this?


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