Election Day 2012…

It’s upon us here in the States. I haven’t a clue how it’ll come out, but I have to say…the campaign went on too long and it was entirely too negative. We can do better.

On the other hand, standing in line this morning at my precinct polling place, I was reminded of the essential element of democracy here that Alexis de Toqueville wrote about back in the 19th century–it’s still somehow very much alive. I could see it in the smiles, easy civility and patience of my neighbors, even as they are deeply divided on who should be running this nation.

I expect American science will continue to survive and somehow even thrive in any case. If there’s a clear cut winner by tomorrow, we’ll consider the probabilities for what comes next in science policy in the next blog entry.

Sit back and enjoy the show this evening….and remember, we’re all pundits now.