The annual science retreat at Krasnow….

Tomorrow, Krasnow Institute faculty, postdocs and graduate students come together for our annual two day science retreat. We come from disparate fields ranging from theoretical physics to computational social science. We have wet lab experimentalists, in silico modelers, brain imagers and behavioral economists–among many others. Our students are pursuing PhD’s in neuroscience, bioscience, computational social science and psychology.

Tomorrow, we “walk the walk” of transdisciplinarity.

It’s very difficult to get into the technical details of disciplines that are different from our own, but it’s surely implicit in what advanced studies are all about. The potential payoffs for the difficult work are immense because–I believe– the big paradigm breaking discoveries, lie at the boundaries of disciplines.

I’ll be live-tweeting the retreat tomorrow with the hashtag #krasnowscience and as will, I imagine, some of our other social networking scientists and trainees. Hope you’ll follow us on twitter.