Turning the corner towards summer….

There are about four weeks left in the Spring semester here at George Mason. For my undergraduate cellular neuroscience class, they are finishing up the core material in molecular signal transduction and synaptic plasticity.

In the meantime, the campus is as verdant as ever. Commencement will be here before we know it and then the beginning of a very busy summer with our short course, a new university presidency, my annual visit to the MBL in Woods Hole and Renaissance Weekend in Aspen.

This year has seen the Institute move ahead on many fronts. Our new academic agreement with Berlin’s Humboldt University is in place, we are on the threshold of graduating quite a few doctoral students (I’m heading to a thesis defense later today), and our science is as exciting as its ever been.

Meanwhile, it’s with pleasure that we welcome to campus my former Amherst classmate, Zeke Emanuel today. I wish were able to make it to his talk and hope that our local readers will.