FT’s Lucy Kellaway and aging in place

The Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway has always been a must read for me, particularly her Martin Lukes series, which sadly ended with his fictional death in a parachute jump.

In today’s regular Monday column, here, she takes on a much more serious issue: the rampant unemployment among young highly educated people due to a finite supply of jobs and baby boomers hanging on.

For me, the operative question is to what extent is this state-of-affairs true for academics (generally) and for science (specifically).

There are certainly “aging superstars” to quote from Lucy and she agrees, they should be kept on. The question she is really raising concerns the question of what is best for society: scarce positions for those who are younger and hence command smaller salaries (we could hire more of of them), or viewing experience as “added value”, something to be monetized in the academic labor market.

It’s a very complicated question–at least in academia, less so in professional sports.