The Original Krasnow Board

Amazing what an iPhone camera can do with a bit of editing. The photo is of the Institute’s governing board about the time of the turn of the century.

No, there were no iPhones at the time, but I did just take the picture of the photo because these were individuals who played a key role in the founding of the Institute.

Back Row (left to right): Alan Merten, Harold Morowitz, Bill Nitze, Ted Braithwaite, Mark Friedlander, Gene Samburg, George Johnson, Robert Gambino, Maurice Scherrens, John Burris and Tom Wise.

Front Row (left to right): myself, Katherine Wallman, Virginia Pomata, Patricia Kluge, Peter Stearns and Julius Axelrod.

Among those in the photo are: a Nobel laureate, three college presidents, a UN ambassador/RAF fighter pilot, three biologists, a psychiatrist, three political appointees, an author of over 100 books and a corporate CEO. Can you identify them?