Paul Allen Smackdown of the Singularity

From Technology Review, hat tip Andrew Sullivan: here. Bottom-line, the “complexity brake” will arrest our acceleration towards Kurzweil’s Singularity.

And the argument has as its basis, the complexity problem as far as a general theory of neuroscience is concerned.

Since I don’t share Kurzweil’s rosy vision of his Singularity, I’m pleased. In addition, this should keep us neuroscientists employed well into the future.

One thought on “Paul Allen Smackdown of the Singularity

  1. “…should keep us neuroscientists employed well into the future.” or should not…

    Who is the neuroscientist capable of reading and making sense of the enormous amount of data flourishing from neuroscience everyday? What if the “complexity brake” was revealed from 'connecting the dots'? — computers do this very well!

    but Mr. Kurzweil's super optimism seems to be, among other things, a way to cope with the lost of his father… anyway, nobody is perfect! — so far, we are only human beings 🙂


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