Syracuse University, the Chronicle Debate Continues…

The Syracuse story began to play out in the Chronicle two weeks ago with Robin Wilson’s piece here. Today, Eric Hoover’s response is here.

As Syracuse is one of our official university peers, I’ve been following this story quite closely.

At question is the leadership style of President Nancy Cantor and her strategy to connect the University more closely with its community. Hoover’s response is specifically aimed at questions regarding the new strategy and I have to say it makes sense: over the long haul, given that the majority of Syracuse’s student body are going to be coming from its region in upstate New York, it makes sense to develop the caliber of those students.

The underlying assumptions are that the “out of state” competition is going to get tougher and that Syracuse wont be in a position to win that competition against other national schools (such as the place where Cantor was provost, Michigan).

Syracuse recently “voluntarily” stepped down from the prestigious AAU. I wonder to what extent there is an inter-relationship between the two stories.