The Completion of Krasnow Phase II

Well, Krasnow’s Phase II is now done. We’ll move in on June 1. In the photos below, the perspective is on the juncture of the research wing (left) with the 1997 original facility (right). There’s wonderful landscaped patio beneath a curtain wall at the juncture and in a few weeks, there will be picnic tables, so that our faculty and students can enjoy the nice weather.

We’ll have a formal grand opening of the new wing in the early Fall. In the meantime, we’ll be moving labs, welcoming new Institute faculty and, in general getting used to the new digs.
The research will will enable a number of lines of research in the neuroscience areas, among them, our translational neuroscience collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience at Inova’s Fairfax Hospital.