Brooks on Cowen: Valuing wealth

David Brooks NY Times column on my colleague Tyler Cowen’s new e-book, The Great Stagnation, seems spot on–here.

The questions are twofold:
1) What is our brain’s definition of wealth–and does it change over time or between individuals?
2) How does our brain value wealth against other things (e.g. health, knowledge, richness of experience etc.)?

These questions are central to the new field of neuroeconomics.

One thought on “Brooks on Cowen: Valuing wealth

  1. I'm in the process of reading Tyler's book now….

    I think the key point of the book (at least for a scientist) is that we are at a technological plateau (not withstanding the Net and Moore's Law). I'm not in disagreement with him here.

    But where I think Tyler misses the point is my own sense that we are (as a planet) on the threshold of explosively important new techological/scientific developments which will be game changers–just as electricity was.


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