Institute Expansion Project

Here’s a photo from within the new expansion project looking south. In the foreground is Phase I and the new chillers. In the background you can make out the signature two story windows of the Great Room. Our trees are still bare. They’ll be greening up when we take delivery in the Spring.

Phase I and Phase II together make up a larger massing than the original Krasnow Institute facility. Together, they’ll have approximately 30,000 square feet of wet-labs and associated support lab/shared instrumentation space on three floors.

In total, the Institute will encompass nearly 55,000 square feet with over 100 associated scientists, trainees and staff. We still have a center and one of our academic departments in a satellite facility on the Mason campus. Eventually, we’ll bring those folks in also, with a Phase III addition on the south side of the original building.

Krasnow’s mission continues to center on the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive psychology and computer sciences. We conduct convergent research and we train new scientists to do the same.