The Snow

Last winter we had 56 inches of snow at Reagan National Airport. The average is 15. Today we’ve commenced this year’s hopeful regression to the mean–I believe we’ll get around 3 inches in today’s storm. Of course, three inches of snow in DC is very different from the same in Chicago. Word from around town is that the roads are OK, but they are jammed: the general panic to purchase milk and toilet paper is on.

Looking out my office window, the trees in our small forest conjure up the apical dendrites of CA1 pyramidal cells–I can imagine the somata hidden just below the windowsill. The axons crossing those dendrites must also remain in my imagination. My view is more of a Golgi staining perspective. The real packing of neurons would be far denser.

But it’s a compelling scene for a neuroscientist, on a cold winter’s afternoon.