Krasnow’s Phase III project

As we prepare to take delivery of Krasnow Phase II in the Spring, the Institute will have approximately 55 thousand square feet of dedicated research space. We’ll have superb wet-labs, core support facilities and instrumentation clusters to support the bench-top science that is so important to our research program. But we’ll still have a center, one department and one of our top laboratories scattered around the campus. It will be time to build the wing that will not only bring those key academic and research elements under one roof, it will also provide Mason’s Institute for Advanced Study with a superb state-of-the-art auditorium (although really simulatorium should be the correct word since this facility will enable the presentation, in real time of multiple computational models), faculty offices and teaching labs for the academic programs that we participate in.

When Phase III is done, Krasnow will have all it’s faculty, trainees and students under one roof. It’s my belief that by creating that proximity, we will further facilitate the trans-disciplinary science that has become part of our identity. The new wing, off the south end of the Institute will take us up to approximately 75,000 square feet. We’ve received our first gifts to enable this effort and I’ll keep loyal readers posted on our progress.