K-12 education

Gail Collins with her usual excellent NY Times column here. In the meantime, there are some very interesting new initiatives coming out of Mason that I hope soon to report to you on that have the potential to be transformative. Stay tuned.

One thought on “K-12 education

  1. Takeaway from the Gail Collins article: “But the regular public schools are where American education has to be saved. We can do better.”

    Let's help the K12 schools where we live and work. Fairfax County government, and volunteers from the schools and community have an ambitious project under way to equip the 15% of the student population that do not have a computer at home with a reconditioned computer, low-cost broadband Internet, and tech support.

    That can transform teaching, enable teachers to increase academic performance at zero cost to the school system, more effectively than any other plan I have heard about.

    We can get this done in a year. We have completed a pilot, have begun work in a FCPS middle school and a high school. All the necessary pieces are there — the donated computers, financial support for 3 years of home broadband Internet for needy students, grants for a refurb and tech support program.

    Want to help? Gene Gaines gene.gaines@gainesgroup.com


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