Putting 2007 to bed

Today marks the last day of what has been a very eventful calendar year for the Institute. It began with a new MRI brain imaging center and ends with plans for a Decade of the Mind. At the same time, it marked the beginning of my second term as institute director and the opening of a new chapter as a full academic unit of George Mason University with two new departments: Social Complexity and Molecular Neuroscience.

None of these achievements would be possible without the folks who do the science here, our faculty. So, to all of our faculty–those who have just joined us, and those who have been here since the beginning back in 1990, I wish you the best of luck in 2008 and heartfelt thanks for your creative efforts in 2007.

I would also like to thank our support staff–your dedication, loyalty and hard work act to enable our scientists. Happy New Year.