Rainy and cool in Woods Hole

It’s rainy and cool outside here in Woods Hole this morning. In homage to Andrew Sullivan’s blog feature “the view out your window“, I’m posting the view out my window this morning. This was taken with my macbook’s built in i-sight camera which I’m finally learning how to use to take photos.

Yesterday Lynn Margulis gave a spectacular talk about the evolution of eukariotic cells. You can read a bit about her theory here. She also was in town for a book signing and reading from her fiction book, “Luminous Fish”, at the local book store.

I had dinner yesterday evening with Dr. Sonia Gasparini, who is here this summer as a Grass Faculty Fellow. She is working on Layer V entorhinal cortex cells–their dendrites are very different from the pyramids of CA3 and CA1 hippocampus. Of course the whole story of “grid cells” has made entorhinal cortex a very interesting area of the brain.


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