Live Blogging the Krasnow Scientific Retreat: Day 2

The picture is of the Layne Kalbfleisch’s talk–the last scientific talk of Day 2.

We ended the first day of the retreat with a lively discussion about
the definition of “mind”. What’s difficult of course is to approach
something that is so clearly ultimately dependent upon introspection
(we’re really only sure that we ourselves have a mind) with a data-
driven, hypothesis testing approach. I brought up the notion that
practically we need to consider mind operationally: what it will take
to build machines that can pass the Turing Test. Or to be more
specific: what will be inside those machines that will allow them to
manifest mind.

This morning, we are beginning with a talk on the study of Stroke
using brain imaging methodologies and crucially computational
approaches to modeling blood flow non-invasively. This is a very
exciting project that is an on-going collaboration between Inova
Fairfax Hospital and our own Juan Cebral. We’ll go till about noon
today with a series of talks and then go into a session with just the
PI’s to discuss the Krasnow scientific program writ large.