Krasnow Scientific Retreat: Day 1

I’m live blogging from the 3rd Annual Krasnow Scientific Retreat. As with previous years, this is the time during the year when the entire Krasnow scientific family (PI’s, trainees and staff) gather off-site to hear short talks on all of the Institute’s scientific programs. This year the theme is “mind” ( as preparation for our upcoming Decade of the Mind Symposium), but frankly we’re beginning at the level of origin of life work funded by the NSF and over the next two days will be working our way towards higher cognition.

I find this retreat incredibly useful because it not only informs me about each research group’s latest research findings, but also because it enables me to see overall where the actual scientific intersections in the Institute’s overall science portfolio.

But if I find the retreat useful, I think it’s even more useful for our scientific staff because it provides the seed corn for future collaborations.